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Manufacturer of Buzon Pedestals

The award-winning Buzon Pedestal appeals to architects and builders when it comes to the design and construction of raised floors and water features.


It offers a flexible solution to create sustainable designed balconies, terraces, green roofs, and water features.


It can be used with different types of decking materials, different thicknesses and dimensions.


Standard applications include the use of pavers (stone or ceramic), timber decking, glass panels and steel grating.

Used on projects all over the world, the applications with Buzon Pedestals are endless, and offer new & unlimited design possibilities to designers and architects.

Buzon Pedestal with stone pavers on top, terrace application
Laurent Buzon with Buzon Pedestal





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BUZON DPH Features

Sustainable Terrace Design

Buzon allows you to  create your terrace in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, contributing to a more sustainable design of your project. Using Buzons for your terrace increases the lifespan of the decking, the waterproofing under it, and will allow for easy and cheaper renovations in the future. 

Award winning slope correction

The Buzon pedestal incorporates a patented slope-correcting device, which compensates for a substrate fall of 0-5%, to provide a perfectly level floor finish, and simultaneously allowing for positive water runoff at structural slab level.

Safe, Durable & Secure - since 1987

Designed, manufactured and tested in Belgium, Buzon pedestals are capable of supporting up to 1,000kg. The pedestals are extremely strong and durable as they are precision-engineered from UV resistant, first grade, selected recycled raw materials . 

Global References

With many prestigious and iconical project references all over the world, and with project references in over more than 50 countries worldwide, Buzon remains the preferred choice by many architects and designers.


In addition, using Buzon to raise your decking or terrace, also improves thermal insulation and reduces sounds transmission, which will result in lower energy running cost of your building. Having access to whatever part of the terrace will sharply reduce maintenance and repair cost, while future renovations or modifications can be carried out at much lower cost.

Caring about the environment

Our Buzons are made of a combination of selected recycled materials and natural minerals, and manufactured at  ISO 14000 and 9001 certified plants.

Due to their longlasting durability, they can be easily re-used again for renovations, and are also 100% recycable.

No limits to Design

Buzon gives you the tools to create wonderful terraces and water features, with no limits to design, with almost no limits to materials, and shapes of the pavers you want to use.

Speed of Application

Buzons are easy to install and offer significant time saving for installation of raised floors and terraces with stone pavers or timber decking.

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Founded in 1987, Buzon Pedestal International is the first and leading European manufacturer of adjustable pedestals for raised floorings and terraces. 

With global references in more than 30 countries worldwide, Buzon is now one of the leading solutions providers for the creation of high quality, durable and creative terraces, , land scape area's, pool decks and water features.


For this, we have created our Buzon Pedestals System, which is a unique and flexible way to raise terraces and deckings and offers unique design opportunities for creative architects and consultants.

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Claude Buzon, the founder of the company, and highly creative inventor


Buzon Asia Pte Ltd
1010 Dover Road, #02-05
Singapore 139658

Tel: +65 9762 2188

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triangular stone paver applicaton with Buzon pedestals
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